Water Purification Equipment
Water Purification Equipment
Water Purification Equipment
Water Purification Equipment

Domestic Purifiers

These purifiers are free standing for kitchen or counter top (single or double units) or under counter (single or double units) that are fitted in cupboard under the sink. All purifiers have the necessary fittings, accessories and replaceable cartridges for DIY installation. Cartridges supplied with these purifiers are carbon or KDF/carbon combination. A variety of cartridges are available to suit individual needs.

Carbon removes a host of contaminants (Organic gases) including chlorine pesticides, etc. Carbon will also improve the taste of any beverages (tea, coffee, juice) made from water. (See water treatment for more info on carbon)

KDF removes heavy metals, amongst other contaminants and will increase the life of the carbon in the purifiers. KDF is also bacteria static (see Kdf page for more info)

Kitchen faucet filters are now also available that attach directly to your kitchen tap and had a simple diverter switch to change between filtered and non filtered water. These filters come with a KDF cartridge

Models Available

DM-CT Counter top water filter white including connection attachments Picture
DM-DCT Double counter top water filter, including attachments Picture
DM-UCF Single under counter water filter, including attachments Picture
DM-DUCF Double under counter water filter including attachments Picture
DM-KTF Kitchen tap filter including cartridge Picture
DM-SH Shower purifier with KDF cartridge Picture
DM-SSCT Stainless steel counter top filter with attchments (no cartridge) Picture
DM-CT-BASE Counter top plastic base Picture